Steve Ballmer gave a speech

… To students at Oxford University in the United States. Its his first public appearance since leaving the CEO post at Microsoft, and he expressed his regret in some areas.

In his speech, he admitted that Microsoft was too late in terms of smartphones and mobile devices.

He also states that Microsoft from the beginning should have followed the model that Apple use, and control both the hardware and the software.

Apple’s business model has for decades been offering both hardware and software in the company’s Mac computers.

Apple also continued with the same business model as the company released the iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010.

Microsoft has previously only delivered one product in this model, the company’s Xbox products.

As for mobile devices, it was not until mid-2012 before Microsoft released their first tablet, Surface. Surface is designed and produced by the company itself, and comes with Windows RT or Windows 8.

But Microsoft has increased its ambitions and announced last year that the company buy Nokia for nearly 7,5 billion dollars (the transaction, which is expected to go through in a few weeks).

However, Microsoft is seven years after Apple and four years after Samsung, two companies that today is the leader in smartphones and mobile devices.

Ballmer also said that Microsoft would have a much stronger position in the mobile phone market today if he could take back the last ten years.

The hour-long interview from Oxford University has also been published on YouTube, Click here to see it.