Is it Steve Ballmer that run Microsoft today?

For the first time in Microsoft’s nearly 40-year history, Bill Gates is no longer the single largest shareholder in the company, after he sold some of his shares, Steve Ballmer is not the one with most shares in Microsoft.

Bill Gates that founded Microsoft in 1975, has sold 7.85 million shares in the last month, according to documents submitted to SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission).

This sale gave Bill Gates a $317,500,000 before taxes, but the sale also resulted that Bill Gates for the first time in 39 years is not any longer the single largest shareholder in Microsoft anymore.

After the sale Bill Gates still have 330.1 million shares in Microsoft, but the company’s former CEO, Steve Ballmer, owns 333.3 million shares, and are now Microsoft’s largest single shareholder. Bill Gates is still there as chairman of Microsoft.

Bill Gates has on average sold 80 million shares in Microsoft per year over the past decade.

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