Are you one of them that complain about the menu Windows 8?

Why are all people complain about the missing / changed start bottom in windows 8?

I think it mostly comes to people don’t or are afraid of too big changes, and with a first look it looks too complicated to learn the new way or system. It’s little like when Facebook make a changes, and everybody goes wild and ask to put it back as it was, but after a while almost everybody is happy with the changes.

I personally like it, you can configured it however you want, put in category ,change the size of the icon… but the best option is still, that you can add whatever you want on the start page, and in this way reach what you are using most in a quick and efficiency way

I know that you also can do that on earlier Windows version, but is not close to how you can configure it with Windows 8.

With the upcoming Windows version, called 10, that I have running on a spare machine in a “very” stable beta version the start bottom is back. But I really hope that Microsoft will give us the option to keep the start as it is in version 8, for us that actually like it