My hosting is StableHost, and I do not have any problem.

When it comes to hosting it is a jungle of company’s, and sadly many don’t hold any high standard. I have rent my own server for the last twelve years in have tried some different hostings. And the only one that has not make me disappointed is A2 and StableHost.

After a couple of unsuccessful hosting adventures with BlueHost, HostMonster and GoDaddy I finally ended up with A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting is not bad, but anyway I bought a VPN Server from StableHost for nine months ago.

As usual when you leave something that is good and working is often for the price. A2 Hosting is not expensive. Anyway, StableHost offered almost the same for half the price. My first thought was that “this is too good to b true”. So I kept A2 and only moved over a couple of accounts to see if it followed the standard they promised when I talked to them.

So how good is StableHost?

It can be described it in three words; It Is Fantastic.

To start with, as I mentioned earlier, the price is almost half compared with A2 hosting that is good.

I have a managed server, and that’s because it’s just more comfortable to don’t need to bother about anything on the server. After running the two hosting company parallel and the response time on support tickets and, solutions on the problem was resolved within 4-6h on StableHost, why should I then bother.

The price for managed VPN server is not only low; it is very cheap. And more important is that the server response time and the stability are also very high.

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So are there not any downsides?

So far I have only found a couple of things that A2 offer and StableHost not. One thing is automatic SSL-Certificate, StableHost has it, but you need to activate it by yourself, and then add it to the domain by domain. But you activate it once on your server, then the same for every new domain added. After that it auto-renew automatic.

The other thing is softaculous that you today find on almost all hosting. Softaculous is server software that has lots of different applications that can be used and installed with “one-Click”. But the price for a lifetime licence for VPN-Server is $75 and with managed server StableHost connect it for you.

So what should you think about when you will go for your hosting?

To be clear, choose your hosting carefully. There are many on the market, and sadly many are not good. I have named some in this article that did not impress on me, but I will not go further and blacklist any company. You merely need to read up on it. But if you ask me, you should definitively have a look on StableHost.

StableHost is one of my recommended product/services.
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