Wrong-coded driver saves every keystroke your HP Computers.

Close to 30 HP Computers have spyware in their installed. The file is in the audio driver, Conexant that coming with many of HP’s computers. All computers are all laptops.

So far there is only have rapports on HP Laptops. But the audio driver Conexant are used on much more laptops from various brands

According to security scientists, may the computers have been overheard since winter 2015.

This kind of programs, so-called keyloggers, are a relatively common tool among hackers and cyber criminals. The researcher that have study the infected HP Computers, think it’s a mistake. And not installed to spy more a question of bad development.

Even if it is a mistake, this is a severe security risk. For Conexant, which actually should “listen” for special key commands, and logs all keystrokes in an encrypted file. A file with all content that simple could be hacked.

what is HP saying?

HP are very clear that they don’t have any access to clients information. And continued with that they have located the problem and had create a solution for the problem. The patch will be available in coming days.

Do you have any of the HP Computer’s listed below and don’t want to wait for the patch? You can delete the file by yourself. But be careful as it’s at your risk as it may affect some individual keys on your computer.

If you want to delete the file MicTray64.exe or MicTray.exe, you find it under C:\Users\Public\MicTray.log.


“Infected” HP Computers

HP EliteBook

  • 820 G3 Notebook PC
  • 828 G3 Notebook PC
  • 840 G3 Notebook PC
  • 848 G3 Notebook PC
  • 850 G3 Notebook PC

HP Elite x2

  • 1012 G1 Tablet
  • 1012 G1 with Travel Keyboard
  • 1012 G1 Advanced Keyboard

HP EliteBook

  • Folio 1040 G3 Notebook PC
  • Folio G1 Notebook PC

HP ProBook

  • 640 G2 Notebook PC
  • 650 G2 Notebook PC
  • 645 G2 Notebook PC
  • 655 G2 Notebook PC
  • 450 G3 Notebook PC
  • 430 G3 Notebook PC
  • 440 G3 Notebook PC
  • 446 G3 Notebook PC
  • 470 G3 Notebook PC
  • 455 G3 Notebook PC

HP ZBook

  • 15u G3 Mobile Workstation

HP EliteBook

  • 725 G3 Notebook PC
  • 745 G3 Notebook PC
  • 755 G3 Notebook PC
  • 1030 G1 Notebook PC

HP ZBook

  • 17 G3 Mobile Workstation
  • 15 G3 Mobile Workstation
  • Studio G3 Mobile Workstation

You can read the full rapport here