Spain is first out of the European contry to fines Google

The reason is Google’s collection, management and how they store the user data, which is considered violating Spain privacy laws.

As a result, they have assigned Google 900.000€ in fines, (around 1,2 millon dollar).

EU has recently start to look on Google and similar companies and their management of the users’ data.

And the trading of personal data has been brought up, as well as questionable choice of data used for targeted advertising…

Its not only Spain, several countries, in Europa, have considered giving Google a fine.

The motivation is partly management of user data and the fact that Google stores data indefinitely.

And that, without letting the user know how for what the data is being used to.

Yet there is no information regarding whether Google plans to appeal the decision or not.

Google has plenty of money, so this fine from Spain alone will not do any damage to the budget.

However, if all the other countries in Europa will start to go after Google, its may be a big problems in the end.