Sony will this summer release two models of their Vaio series.

The really interesting part, is that one of the Vaio laptops will come with Google’s operating system, Google Chrome installed. Rumors also say that it will have a battery life of 8 to 16 hours, Intel Thunderbolt, solid-state disk and a separate graphics card from AMD. This would made it good enough to use for both gaming and video editing.

The second model, will be a “hybrid” PC “, which is a stripped-down to a thin laptop. Without any optical unit, but with a powerful Core i7 processor and the weight will be just over 1 kg.

The smaller, stripped-down model can be connected to a docking station so a more powerful separate video card can be used and a set of contact opportunities such as networking, HDMI and USB.

This is again just rumor, even if the rumors come from recognized, credible, Sony Insider.