Have you heard the latest mobile camera announcement from Sony?

It is going to be the next big technological advancement in the industry. Sony Corporation is a well-known company in the mobile phone industry from Tokyo, Japan. The company develops reliable mobile phones, but it is more than that in the sector. It’s because it is hired to create camera sensors by other phone companies. Yes, you heard that right, and therefore, this announcement is a big deal all around the world. The company announced their innovation for mobile cameras; the new IMX586 CMOS image sensor.

This innovation is pretty amazing because the image sensor will have the highest pixel count in the industry and all over the world. It is, therefore, going to be the world’s first ultra-compact picture element size of 8.0 micrometre. As a result, this makes it possible to pack forty-eight effective megapixels on to the 8.0-micrometer diagonal unit. This in return will support enhanced imaging on mobile cameras. Here are some of the features of this mega innovation by Sony.

4X greater dynamic range than conventional products

With the new IMX586 CMOS image sensor, mobile cameras will adopt a superior dynamic range that will be four times greater than the current products. Additionally, it will enable real-time output and scenes with both dark and bright areas will be captured using minimal highlight blowout. Therefore, there will be no loss of details in the shadows when viewing the caption on a mobile display.

High resolution and high sensitivity

The new image sensor will adopt quad Bayer colour filter array. This implies that the adjacent 2×2 pixels will feature the same colour. Therefore, this will give the new product high resolution and high sensitivity, even in low light situations.

This mobile camera advancement aims at enhancing photoelectric conversion efficiency and light collection efficiency over current products. In September 2018, Sony will give out samples to launch the innovation. Therefore, the first mobile devices to feature this sensor should be expected in early 2019. This innovation is huge than the P20 Pro from Huawei. Sony is taking the mobile camera to a whole new level. It is going to be the mobile camera for future generations. Don’t be left out; everyone is waiting on this one.