This is not the future, Social Media Marketing is here already

How about spending about 6 hours a week to maximise your business’s sales, recognition, and traffic with little or no cost? It sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Well…. This is what social media marketing does for your business. Most of the successful marketers will tell you that social media is a fantastic platform that generates exposure for their business every single day.

Social platforms should be a significant part of your marketing strategy. The advantages of using the social network are so incredible that any business not taking advantage of this cost-effective resource is missing a phenomenal marketing opportunity. Here are key reasons why you should incorporate social media marketing into your company if you haven’t done that yet.

Boosts the SEO of your site

Posting on social networks will generate traffic for your business. However, for significant success, you will have to put more effort towards Search Engine Optimization. SEO is critical for obtaining a higher ranking on Google and other search engines. Social media does not increase search engine rankings directly. Nonetheless, research shows that a significant percentage of marketers who use social media for more than a year witness improved search engine rankings.

You can target and retarget

Social media ads have a highly customizable nature, and this is one of the primary reasons why social media remains significant. Facebook ads give you a chance to target users based on education level, location, industry, and purchase history among others. Having the Pixel Facebook on the site enhances retargeting for users who have been on your site before. There is a higher probability for such users to change to solid sales and leads.

Ability to respond immediately to problems

It is crucial to be aware of any problems with your products or services. Social media plays a significant role in this through customer feedback. The social media feedback will help you to identify issues with your product after which you will take the right steps to resolve the issues. Customers appreciate businesses that respond to their complaints.

Drive targeted traffic

Coming up with another page just on your website is similar to capturing an awesome selfie. You will want to expose to the world, where it will bask in its awesomeness and brilliance. However, you will not require begging for the attention nor will you need pay for it. It’s why landing pages, selfies, and well-located social-media posts can create all the difference.

Reddit has used single links to drive 20,000 visitors and above in just a single weekend. Links submitted on social networks can help a page which has been having a handful of visitors every day to increases the number into hundreds. Everyone would love to capitalise on that, wouldn’t they?

Make you noticed at events

Social media will give you a fantastic opportunity that will expose your presence during events and even create earned media coverage. When your company is among the attendances at a vital trade show or is the sponsor of a given charity fundraiser, there is no ultimate way of leveraging your presence other than using social media.

Other ways that social media marketing is essential to your business include;

  • Building brand loyalty
  • Users will be recurrent to your messages
  • Enhances real relationship building
  • Enables you to slay the competition
  • Helps in newsjacking
  • Increases business exposure
  • Increased sales
  • Gives you a reasonably level playground
  • It’s cost-effective
  • The social media ads return on investment is unbeatable

From the above information, you can by now tell that social media marketing is a critical element for the success of your business. Many companies are aware of the potential of this marketing strategy for incredible business growth. Be part of the thriving business community by incorporating social media as part of your marketing strategy.