Some people say that Social Media has have to big impact on our lives?

How Social Media proliferation has overeaten into our lives, and hardly many of us imagine a whole spent without using their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Now, even raging political wars are won over the social media and digging deep into our personal lives. Arguably all the diffenert media plattforms has had its fair share of dusty and pride moments.

One of the most recognisable way social media use has changed the world is how we interact with one another. Before the advent of the technology, personal physical interactions were highly valued. And the ability to strike meaningful conversations with even strangers was considered a vital life skill. Now, things have changed in a direction which many of us wouldn’t want them to go.

The addiction

Though the birth objective of social media is to bring the world closer. A statement widely echoed by CEO of many social media giants. That hasn’t been the objective that social media use has managed. People are hooked to their phones, and the “addiction” syndrome has made many people have less interest in physical interactions. Instead, increasing social media use has been linked to “anti-social” behaviours. Most people prefer to have chats with their online “friends” and hardly get enthusiastic when in company of real people.

The bad side of overusing any of the social plattforms. Is that its effects are somewhat similar to the effects of drug addiction. “Social-media addicts” are likely to show depression signs than persons who use social media platforms moderately. The depressions symptoms can eat into a person’s life. Deny him/her the ability to focus on what could pass to be important.

Information on a click

Before any of this media became the thing, it is today, newspapers, cable televisions and radio were the main information source. If there an important newsworthy event, people had to wait until the news time before they get the details of the particular event. However, things are currently taking a different note. You can be aware of what the news will be in the future bulletins by only following trends as they are unfolding.

In fact, people no longer hear “breaking news” via their TV connections as news networks have switched to the social plattforms as the way of connecting to their base. The fast news sharing has also brought in a new issue to deal with. You can choose the kind of political information you would want to read, and that has led to the debate of “fake news.”

Social Media & Business

Many businesses have found it necessary to structure themselves so that their operations can reflect the consumers’ preference increasing social media use. Marketing is now done over social platforms and an emerging marketing form. “Social Marketing” is exclusively focused on how businesses can boost their consumer outreach by popularising their presence over popular platforms. Such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

It is important to note that social media use is ever changing. For instance, “fake news” was unheard term before the previous election. And in the future, the technology may present opportunities as well as problems which we may yet foresee.