Are we less social with social media?

With all the different social media that we have on the net, such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and we can make the list much longer. But the question is, have all this web application made us more social or not.

The answer is Yes… And no.

Many people spend hours and hours on this web application every day. Some spending lots of time to playing various games, but almost everyone go thru what’s have been posted and comment, retweet, like or in any other way interact with other users…

One thing I thing we all can agree on…

Today we know more about each other, what we doing, where we are and the “most important” of everything, what we eat in general.

This is of course not only a good thing. I thinking about the bad stuff that’s are been posted, and its lots of it. Then you have all people that are included in updates, comments and photos, against their own will.

And when something once are posted on the social media its more or less impossible to get off. This is, have and will make problem for lots of people. Definitive for the young people that’s post all kind of stuff. Without really understand what this can make for problem in the future. I can list lots of other things that can make problem with published things on social Media, but this is not the article for that.

So should we stop using Social Media? Maybe some should and we must always think before you post or comment anything on this media, and not only about you, also about the persons you may include in anything on the Social Media.

So how can you protect yourself… You cant. Because, even if you not use any of this media, for sure you have some friends that do it. And as long you have any social connection to them, you are always at risk. So use the simple rule, do not post anything you cant stand for or do not want to have public, and hope that your friends think in same way