Simon Sinek warn us about how we are using our smart phones.

And it is not without all rights. I’m a fulltime working IT guy that is using my mobile every day. I had my first smartphone 2007, iPhone 2. This today will not even come up to the cheapest standard on today’s smartphone. But at that time it was the only smartphone and it was outstanding. But after seeing a video on YouTube from the “inspiring talker” Simon Sinek it has gotten me to think.

Today I use my computer, tablet AND mobile phone every day and I’m one person that simple could be called “nerd” and probably also are. But I’m a webmaster and working on web 24/7, so should I not need a smartphone when I’m away from the computer? Well, the easy answer should be no I don’t.

But there are also many reasons why I should have a smartphone, nothing I will list here, we all have lots of different argument anyway. And I could count up many reasons why just I need a mobile (because of my work) with me all the time.

But after seen a video with Simon Simek I have started to questions many of my arguments. Simon Simek is an “inspiring talker” and after listening to him you will understand why.

The video clip is little more than 15 minutes and it’s call “The Millennial Question” but a big part is how we are using our phones

So what’s happening now?

Well, I’m an IT-Guy so of course, I will not stop using my smartphone, but I think and hope that I will make some changes in the way I use it.

Spoiler alert; I have now bought one alarm clock for my bedroom, and the phone is turned off while sleeping.

Don’t be afraid to go on to YouTube and look for more videos with Simon Simek, it’s worth it