Yes, sometimes it is better to say no to a client.

I can’t speak for all professions, I speak from my view, web developing and graphic designer. We all have some time have that feeling, “will this work?” “Will this be a problem?” Should I say no to a client? The answer is a BIG, yes. Some work is better not to take. Some may say that you should never say no to a client. Well, I strongly disagree with that.

So when should you say no?

Of course, you have the most significant reason in time. If you feel that you can not have it ready in time, then it should always be no. The client should never suffer from your ego to get as much as possible. You need to speak to the client to find out what the timeframe is for any specific work.

Another reason is the level of work. Nobody knows everything, even if some people think they do. So if you feel that this is over your level then say no. The client may come back to you with something else later. But for sure they will not be back if you say yes, then you do not manage to finish it in the way it should suppose to be.

Have the price anything to do with a yes or no to a client?

Yes, of course. Myself is one of the lucky ones that has one client that gives me enough work to live on. So when I say yes to a client, then there is time, it’s something I can do, and the price is what I ask for.

Depending on your business and workflow, it can be challenging to say no to a client. So following how I think and act.

To start with, the client should never set the price. They coming to you for something they can’t. That means they don’t know what time is needed. It’s a business deal. The buyer wants to pay as little as possible, and you want to charge as much as possible.

I have in the 10+ year I worked with this, never negotiate a price I have given. I have offered to split the payment over some time but never gone down in price. I have, in some case, proffer a better price on second and third work from the same clients. But this has always been up to me.

Note; This is my experience and not any business is similar to another, you, of course, need to do what is right for your company. But I still mean, that be careful to let costumer set price for your work.