Nobody wants to buy the stolen tools from NSA that Shadow Brokers want to sell

I have in an earlier article write about a hacker group, Shadow Brokers that came over some tools from NSA

The sale of the surveillance tools from NSA, have not gone quite as hacker group hoped for. Right now they have one auction of the stolen tools from US intelligence NSA.

In a blog post the group write about their frustration on the lack of interest and attention. And probably also, the lack of money they have been offered so far.

Last bid is 1.5 bitcoin but several of the bids will be significantly lower we understand that it don’t makes the thieves so happy.

It was this summer that Shadow Brokers began to sell out cyber weapons to the highest bidder. That the group claimed belonged to the US intelligence NSA.

At the same time, the group also publishes some files on Github as proof of their achievement. But these disappeared shortly thereafter.

However… Not before they was spread over the net.

So why is there not any big interest for this?

Security expert who reviewed the tools found that they actually worked and among others could be used to exploit vulnerabilities in firewalls and routers from Cisco, Juniper Networks and Fortinet.

Many of the expert, also mean that this should be worth lots of money. And a fortune is what the hackers want.

There have been rumors that the auction is just a smokescreen.

In a statement, the group have said they hope to have hope for a million Bitcoins in exchange for delights all the stolen tools. One million Bitcoins equivalent to $611.870.000.

We will see if the group Shadow Broker ever get this kind of money. But the fact that the low interest. And the credibility of the tools come from the NSA does not many believe that it will ever happen