Do you have the sex toy We-Vibe 4 Plus?

Sex toy manufacturer We-Vibe had agreed to pay 25 million in fines to those who bought the company’s smart vibrator We-Vibe 4 Plus.

This after it has come out that the app connected to the toy has secretly collected data from its users.

The vibrator has been promoted as the solution for couples who find themselves apart from time to time. And by using a mobile application, they can control the sex toy.

But the company forgot to inform consumers that the app also collects data. Such as the intensity used or the temperature of the device.

The collection of data should not be the biggest problem with the application. But it has been shown that the app also has been very easy to hack. Any outsider could easily take over the control of the vibrator thru Bluetooth.

So what happens now?

Standard Innovation has made a statement in which they say that they take consumer privacy and data security very seriously. And they have increased application security and giving users a choice over what data they share.

And they will continue to work with leading privacy and safety experts to improve the app.

Standard Innovations has also agreed to pay $ 7.500 for those who has used the app. Customers who only used the vibrator without the application, are offered $ 150. It’s lots of money, and in total it will be approximate $ 2.8 million.

So are this proof that anything can be hacked?

We are all the time going to a more digital and connected world. And everything that’s connected to the internet in any way is at risk to be hacked. I always use to say when I get this question. “Everything that can be looked can also be unlooked.”

And this is also one of the biggest problems we will have in the future. And people need to take this much more severe then many do today.