Unresponsable server company!!!

I have in earlier articles write about the end of Windows XP, but it’s not just the normal users who should read mine and everyone else’s articles about the risk to continue with XP. But now it comes rapports that even many server company are still use this old system

For almost 10 days ago Microsoft ended their support of XP, but today it is still a large number of PCs running on the retired XP. But most frightening is that even a large number of company websites are still use it.

According to Netcraft (internet research company) raport, is it China thats dominate on numbers of installations of XP on PCs, but when it comes to web servers, it is U.S. that’s ended on the top of the list. Its a total of 6000 server company that still running Windows XP worldwide, and nearly a third of these (1,869) are in the USA.

Netcraft raport also show that nearly half a million websites worldwide still run on Windows 2000, an operating system that was retired for almost four years ago. Windows NT 4.0, which was shut down in 2004 still runs 50,000 websites around the world.

This is simply a total absence of respect for all what security is called. According Netcraf so can we find both authorities and company that running their websites on XP, or other retired OS.