Hard drives that Self Encrypting themselves if they are connected to an unknown computer…

Toshiba new hard drives, Self Encrypting Drives (SED) is a 2.5-inch 7200-rpm discs, intended for use to protect sensitive information.

The units are available in capacities 160 to 640 gigabytes. Has 16 megabytes memory buffer and uses the SATA interface, 2.0. It have a 256-bit encryption to protect data and a self-erasing technology controlled by an authentication policy called Opal Storage Specification, the Trusted Computing Group. The system enables the disk to determine if it is a connected to an approved host.

When the hard drive is started, Toshiba’s new SED hard drives perform an authentication. If authentication fails, the device may either be configured to simply deny access or to perform cryptographic erasure of the specified data. This means that encryption keys are deleted, leaving data permanently encrypted and unreadable.