Yes, it is if you use the Signal in the right way.

Whatsapp encrypts all communication with protocol signal. It’s so-called “end-to-end” encryption, which means that the entire communication is protected, but it’s not when you use WhatsApp. The problems are not the signal itself, but how Whatsapp use it.

It is the Security researcher, Tobias Boelter at the Berkeley University, California that discovered flaws in Whatsapp.

So what is the problem with Signal Protocol on WhatsApp?

Signal works by the two users that are communicating with each other generate unique keys. These keys do not allow any third parties to access the communication between the users.

The problem is that Whatsapp forcing a generation of new keys to users who are offline. Then when the messages are re-sent, there are not any encrypted communications any longer.

And as many time before, when there is a security problem, the users are not informed.

As usual, things like this are nothing that the users get notified about. But there is a setting, and with the right configuration, you warned when this happens. The problem is that almost nobody knows about this setting.

Can we trust WhatsApp?

The Facebook own, WhatsApp have all the time, proudly said that all conversations are safe. And that’s because they are protecting the conversations with Signal Protocol. The ironic part of this is that is not safe because they use the protocol Signal.

Whatsapp defence themselves with the use of protocol is a simplification for users. According to Whatsapp is the most common reason for this problem when users change phones or reinstall Whatsapp.

But the things are that Facebook can access some of our conversations. But representatives of Whatsapp and Facebook don’t answer the question if they have read some, or handed over to any other third part.

Safe or not, shall we stop using WhatsApp? No, we simply need to start to understand that there are nothing that is 100 percent safe when we use the web.