Serious security Hole found in Samsung Galaxy 4

According to Israeli security researcher, there is a security hole in Samsung Galaxy S4 that make it possible to listen in to business traffic.

Security Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel say that they have found a security hole in Knox app that comes with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 3.

The Security hole should make it possible to create malicious code that can be used to intercept Internet traffic.

The problem, according to the security researchers, its only Knox.

Knox, one app that make it easier for users to communicate with their corporate networks via encryption.

But the app has security hole and sensitive data can be interception of traffic between a phone and company.

Security researchers say that the problem in the worst case can make it possible to create code.

And then this code can be spread in the network.

The security hole is a major threat to everyone who uses this architecture, says Dudu Mimran a security researcher.

Samsung stated to the Wall Street Journal that the company take security very seriously and will examine the data