And nobody can’t say that Satya Nadella has not made any changes.

The 6th of February 2014 I wrote about the change of CEO at Microsoft read here. Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft after Steve Ballmer, and today most of the people, including me agree that the company has grown in all aspects. If we see to the measure of the stock price, Microsoft’s share over the five years with Satya Nadella has raised far more than doubled from around $40 to over $100 after being still for ten years.

Satya Nadella has put lots of focus on the cloud rather than the licensed software. Microsoft has also made strategic choices such as embracing open source and open APIs and initiated collaborations with other large suppliers who before was seen as enemies.

Microsoft is one of the biggest contributors to the open source community

Everybody agrees that Nadella has brought openness into the company and that has made it easier for partners to develop new services across different platforms. This huge turnaround on Microsoft’s side was something that would be impossible on Steve Ballmer’s time. Ballmer wasn’t really fond of any kind of work with others, and have in one of his many spectacular talks called Linux for cancer.

So, the biggest differnt between the two CEO’s is just the work with other companies. During Steve Ballmer’s time, there were threats everywhere. The attitude was that “we are the best and Apple and Oracle are enemies”. There, Nadella came in with another thought, Microsoft became more humble. And has also gained better relationships with other major IT providers such as Apple and Oracle

Satya Nadella has also had a clear acquisition strategy – and carried out major acquisitions as of Linkedin and Github. Where Github it’s little speciall, much of the content on Github is code designed to run on Linux-based operating systems. The same system that was called a virus for less than 10 years ago of the CEO for Microsoft.

So what have benefits for Microsoft been?

When Microsoft has open up the doors and invited, what they before thought was enemies and competition that need to be shouted down, they have instead increased their profit and grown stronger. One example is the relationship with Apple. Instead of seeing it as enemies, Microsoft began asking itself: If we make a good product for Macs, maybe we can get Office for all Macs.

So for all of us that is working or has worked with open source already knew. Together is strong.