Will Galaxy S8 be the model that make us forget the fiasco with Note 7

It may be one of the most important released this year. Samsungs new mobile Galaxy S8 must be a success if Samsung wants to clear their name from last “fiasko”. Many Samsung fans and even Samsung critical has waiting for this. Another failure liked Note 7 can be devastating for the company

Samsung was long the biggest smartphone seller. But the last quarter of 2016 Apple passed them. And the Chinese Huawei are not far after as number 3. Therefore is this a crucial release from Samsung. It needs to be a success if they want to go up to the top again.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+

The new Galaxy model will come in two sizes, S8 that have a 5.8″ screen and S8+ with a 6.2″ screen. Other news is the docking station, Dex. That will provide “a PC-like experience controlled with a mouse and keyboard.” And a new voice assistant with the name Bixby.

The docking station is nothing new, and other companies have tried it before without success. The user experience had been better for every release. And maybe Samsung will succeed this time with their bigger screens that placed the phones in the “phablets” category.

So what are special with this phones?

Apart from the screen Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ there is not much that impressed us. The specs are good, but for a phone around 800€ (900€ for S8+).

There are of course things that are better than other phones. But I can’t see why anybody would buy this phone to that price. Instead, you should buy

But I can’t give you any reason why you should buy this phone to that price. Instead, you should buy OnePlus 3T, that’s a good phone and the prices half compare with Samsungs. Huawei has phones that are just the step under in specs, to half the price. You have OnePlus 3T that also half the price. And the

Other phones I also would recommend instead of this, is Huawei and the Nokia 6 Arte Black that I have talked about earlier.

My opinion

The phone is good, no doubt about that. But a price on 800-900€, then another 50-60€, if you want to have the docking station, is too much money.

Today you can easily find a phone in more or less same level much cheaper. But with names like Samsung and Apple, you always pay extra for the name.

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For me, it’s not getting more than 5 of 10 stars, and that is mainly for the high price.

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