The battle for the throne on the smartphone market has long been about Samsung against Apple.

But now, the Chinese Huawei has seriously started to challenged leadership from the two giants. This autumn, all three have launched new their new flagship, and as before, both Huawei and Samsung have focussed on aggressive marketing campaigns by attacking iPhone new model.

In conjunction with the presentation of the new iPhone X, Huawei was closed to launch its new phone Mate 10, and they released a video showing how an apple was quickly eaten with the text: “Do you feel disappointed? We have a real surprise that surpasses everything you’ve seen.”

And a week ago, after the iPhone X was released, it was Samsung who released a video where they followed a faithful iPhone user over the past ten years of upgraded models – and where the user continually sees his phone not come up in The same quality and features as Samsung’s models.

The video is called “Growing Up”, and the person eventually ends up changing the phone to a Samsung.

But why this fix at iPhone, when the companies themselves released new smartphones, why don’t they put focus on their phones instead?

The main reason is that the market does not grow as before, although these three companies deliver amazing results.

We have reached the level where almost everyone already has a smartphone, and many people do not upgrade to the new models like before.

This is causing a struggle for the market shares. Experts believe that this marketing from Samsung and Huawei is an attempt to convince iPhone users to switch to their models

Why does Apple not use the same marketing technique?

The big question is of course; Why are Apple doesn’t use this marketing strategy. Apple is one of the world’s most famous brand, something that Huawei is not near. Even Samsung does not come up in the same level as Apple, but they are not far behind.

It is also widely known that Apple and especially iPhone users are much more faithful than Android users are to their brands.

To me, this looks more like a frustration from Samsung and Huawei. It’s no news that iPhone is not near other mobile manufacturer’s flagship when it comes to specs. This is obviously very frustrating for companies that have “better” mobiles and also many times cheaper than iPhones.

But Apple has another OS in its mobiles that appeal to many. At the same time, Apple is a company offering a total packet with Apple TV, Itunes, Macintosh and Ipad, and they are very good at incorporating the user.

My personal opinion about the way that Samsung and Huawei work does not lead to many more Android users. Apple charges extra for its name, but there is no bad phone for it.

I was iPhone users from iPhone 1 to iPhone 4S. Then I got one Xperia at a Sony / Ericson seminar and became fond of the system. But I still can understand that iPhone user is in love with their system.