Notes or sketching on paper, but still want to work digitally?
reMarkable Paper Tablet is the answer for you

Are you like me, and very often missing a regular paper to make your notes on. Then you should have a look at the reMarkable paper tablet that will be released on the market, summer 2017.

But we are going more and more digital in our life. Myself working as web developer, and we are in many cases 100% digital. But however we look at it, many times it would be nice to have paper beside you to make notes.

I am one of this person that have one A4 notebook beside me when I am working. It’s practical when you need to make small notes while working, as long you find the note when it’s time to use it again.

But here is where our problem starts. It’s not digital, with that it will not be possible to add to the cloud. And we all know, no cloud. And we are limited to how and where we can use it if you do not want to bring your notebook between the working stations. Another problem is that our notes with relevant information quickly get lost.

reMarkable Paper Tablet is the solution

The remarkable paper tablet will replace all paper notes and notebooks you have around. And put all of your notes in one place, accessible on all your units.

Better paper… Better thinking.

The paper tablet for people who prefer paper. Replace your notebooks, sketchbooks, and printouts. Paper-like reading, writing and sketching with digital powers.

Many will say that “paper is always paper” and they are right. But with this paper tablet, you are as close to the paper experience you can come. And that’s because of the ultra-thin high-friction surface and with the pen included.reMarkable paper tablet will make our life so much easier. - WebAlvarez IT & Tech - Hardware - reMarkable paper tablet

The unit has 8GB internal storage; it may sound little, but this is around 100,000 pages. And I don’t think anybody has ever seen a notebook with this number of pages.

reMarkable can be used for reading, writing and sketching. The size is 177x256x6.7mm (6.9×10.1x.26 inches), and the weight is only 350 grams (.77 pounds). This together with days of battery, make it perfect for traveling as well for your office.

Your reMarkable Paper Tablet…

There are many advantages with remarkable. But for me is that we finally have a way to use something like the notebook. And at the same time, keep track of it, digital.

Your files can quickly be wireless to reMarkable with a single click. And even better, all your work is automatically backed up securely to a cloud service.

With the cloud service, you have all your work instantly synchronized and available on all your devices. (apps are available for MacOS, Windows 8 & 10. And for mobiles, is compatible with iOS and Android).

The remarkable paper tablet will not be available before summer 2017. But you can already pre-order it. Everyone who does will receive a first limited edition of reMarkable to a discounted price of $379.

I will come back with another article, more detailed when I have working little with the reMarkable paper tablet.

Read more about it on Here, or on their blogs, Here.
To pre-order is ended, but now you can get 85€ to use this link, Click Here

Look on this video, but first, I must warn you… If you struggle with money, don’t look… Because you will buy one after seen the video 🙂