How good is reMarkable writing tablet?

reMarkable is the best writing tablet?I have written about reMarkable in an earlier article, and already in that article, I have high expectations. And for me and others the expectation has been answered.

The newly started Norwegian company, reMarkable has been right from the beginning, a product with a big hype around it. The first units were shipped out in September / October last year.

Is not fair to compare this tablet to any other, because there are none. Is not cheap, but this is something that the phrase, “you get what you pay for” really fits on.

So what have mine reMarkable helped me with?

I have now had mine for a couple of months, and I use it daily, both in work and private. reMarkable can be used both for drawing and writing. My self only uses it for notes.

I have what many people say, “good memory but short.” In my work. I use my tablet for notes in my work, and things that need to be done as I kind of reminder. So my reMarkable is started at the same time as my computers.

One thing that appeals to me is the app, and desktop software, that syncs all your notes so you can reach your files wherever you are. And with the last update that came earlier this week has made the startup from both start and sleep-mood. I also think it feels that the battery time have been improved from very good to even better.

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So how many stars should a tablet like reMarkable have? For me is a simple choice, 10 of 10. It does not have any weak points, and even if the price is high, it is impossible to compare, as this is by far much better than any existing writing tablet on the market.

If you feel that you cant keep track on your notes, or if you like to have access to your notes wherever you are. Than this is for you. You can buy or read more about it on reMarkables web site.