The so-called market reacted negatively to the recent record Apple rapport.

Although Apple present their strongest Apple rapport ever, the company’s shares fell by nearly 8% during the day’s trading on Nasdaq.

The primary reason for the collapse is that the analysts on Wall Street believed an even bigger sale for the iPhone. In a report from Scott Craig and Chris Whitmore was it told that there should be more then 58 million sold iPhone, in reality, it was “only” 51 million.

Another reason for the fell on the shares is proberly Apple’s own forecast for the next quarterly report. Appel expects an turnover between 42 and 44 billion dollars, which is basically the same as the¬†quarter report last year. It signals that Apple are on same place and dont go forward, although at a very high level.

The last stock fell, means that Apple’s stock is back at the same level as the autom of 2012.

After the collapse, the American billionaire Carl Icahn bought Apple shares worth $500 million, which means that his total holdings is just over $4 billion and hi own almost one percent of the company.