What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a malicious program that takes over your computer as hostages. Then the information is held hostage who will not be accessible before you pay what they hacker/s have to ask for.

Ransomware has mostly affected PC users, and the average victim has so far have been hospitals, schools and even police departments.

But with time the PC users that has more and more carefully, and now the hackers have started to go over to the mobile users.

The security company, Kaspersky that have made as investigated on its customers, who use Android devices, and its showing scary numbers.

Between April 2015 and March this year, there have been 136,532 users that have suffered a mobile version of ransomware.

As the number for the same period, a year back was 35,413 it has been an increase of almost 400%, and that is only on people that Kaspersky know about.

Several security experts have confirmed that the cell phone has become common target for cyber criminals and they also believes that ransomware will continue to target Android-based devices.

So how do you protect yourself against Ransomware…

To start with, in this article I talking about Android system. So why not name Apple iOS and Windows phone.

Are this system better than Android?

When it comes to iOS, it is a more secure system when it comes to apps, and that’s because any app for iOS still needs to go thru a control and bee approved, of course, something can pass the control, but is normal not happen.

When it comes to Microsoft, it’s simple, this system is to small to put energy on. But when it comes to Android, anybody can upload an app, whiteout any control.

As I always use to say, there is only one protection that works to 100%, and that is to be very careful what you are downloading. And always make regular backups,

You may lose your phone, but you will not lose you almost unreplaceable info, as we today use the phone for very much, both private and work stuff.

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