Google will ending their mobile manufacturing of Nexus

This means that the popular Nexus series will be discontinued. Google will Instead put their focus on cleaning up Android from additional manufacturers.

With this act, Google are back to where they started, and are now back to just doing software.

This is not confirmed from Google,. This is coming for the twitter user @evleaks – which almost has proven to have the correct information.
He have tweet following tweets. “there will be no Nexus 6, farewell, Nexus”. “Do not worry, there’s a silver lining in this cloud”. and “Android Silver, circa February 2015”.

According to @evleaks (and several other technology sites) this is because Google dont want to be a competitor in the hardware – and instead return to only deliver content and software. “Android Silver” will then be a series mobiles and tablets from different manufacturers – where all will run a “clean” version of Android.

Most likely it will be a couple pair of premium products, an LG – manufactured mobile will apparently be one of the first units to come out, and for any other of Google’s hardware partners will it be extremely importan to get in just their product under “silver”