Lock your computer with PREDATOR…

PREDATOR is a free program that has a single function, to lock your computer to unauthorized access.

The program makes one encoded file that you have on your USB flash drive. Windows has its own password protected login. But with the Predator you will also need the USB flash drive with the encoded file that acts like a key.

I see no major benefit with this program, but it is simple to use and works very well, when you pull out the USB stick the computer lockes automatically, and must then connected again to unlock the data.

As many of us know, its that is very easy tole the USB flash drive, but there is a backup solution for this. You can log in with a password and failed login will be logged, so that you can see if someone has tried to log into the computer while you are away from it.

As I comment before … I dont see any use for this, if you have a “real” password this is not necessary, and if you have a simple password, then is a big chance to have a simple password for unlock the computer in lost of the USB flash drive. So it must be a better solution to have ONE GOOD PASSWORD.

If you still wants to try this Windows-program, click here