One proposal from the European Union is that the police must get access to encrypted data on mobile apps.

Encrypted data such as Whatsapp has proved to be the scourge for the police forces around Europe. The European Union has proposed new ways to access information more efficiently for the authority.

The European Commission thinks it should be easier for the police to access the encrypted data of Whatsapp. And in June, the European Commission responsible for Justice’s are expected to present some proposals that will give the police access to encrypted messages.

The police authorities in European only need to ask the companies that own the services for the data. And if there comes a law, they can’t deny the authority any encrypted data

Today, prosecutors, judges and police forces rely on companies voluntarily give them the information they ask after.

France, Britain and Germany have previously taken up the question of backdoors into various applications. The discussion has now come surface again after the attack at Westminster Palace in London. This after it has been known that the terrorists have used Whatsapp.

Talks about access to encrypted data always creates heated discussions

Users see this as a step in the direction of George Orwell’s 1984 where the state have total monitoring of the people.

The European Union expect heavy criticisms from the people. But also from the major Internet companies, especially Facebook and Apple. And hope to be able to agree on a voluntary agreement.

IT industry arguments against backdoors are primarily that the products will be less secure. And it’s true, everything that can be locked can be unlocked anybody that thinks different is wrong.

From my point of view, I think it’s only a matter of time until there are back doors to everything online. Unfortunately