Google have a high cost to delete all piracy links

End of the December I was writing about The Pirate Bays return or not return. But even if The biggest piracy site on the web is closed, illegal downloading of copyright material will not stop.

People and organizations that have copyright material, daily ask Google to take down links from their search list. The amount of this have increase over the years. 2008 Google have a total of 62 requests, to unbelievable more than 345 million request year 2014
Google have a weekly rapport where they share take down request they receives and over all weeks to the public. Over the weeks this is added up to exact 345.169.134 requests. That’s over a million requests that Google had to process every day.

So this illegal downloading cost lots of money for Google.

It needs lot of people only to go thru all requests that’s comes in daily

When it comes to if the links should be taken down or not, it’s up to Google, if they don’t think that the link actually infringe any copyright, they simple ignore it and leave it. But most of the requests are actually accepted by Google and taken down imminently from their Search result.

File sharing sites, such as, and are the site that’s Google get most takedown requests for, with more than five million requests on each site. UK music industry group BPI, was the organization that requested most takedowns, with over 60 million in the year 2014.

Lots of organizations have been asked Google to be harder on sites that host copyright material over the last years, and not only waiting for the requests. Googles respond on this have been to make some changes to their search algorithms to down rank sites that have copyright material, this update was released in October 2014.