Phishing have been around long time

We are warned over and over again, and still we get fooled over and over again from Phishing mails. So why are we fooled by this, after all warnings we regularly get.

But it does not seem to matter how much security people warned us for phishing. Yet we are tricked time and again. Here are five tricks that drive any security manager to madness.

Not surprising, this is a bigger problem for the company, where you open many mails, and not always mail that is personally.

But it looks so official.

When we get a mail with subjects like “free”, “Gift Card” or anything related with Social media, make us direct suspicious.

But if its something like “invoices attached”, “filed you asked for” or “Take a look on my CV”. Then we automatic assume this is something for related to the company.

Missed Voice message

Subject with something like “You have one unheard voice message”. Have the last two years been something that fooled many.

Along with the mail there is an attached file that looks like a voice message. And often it comes from a forge sender, eg. somebody you know.

Free is good

After all we are humans. And it has always been hard to resist free things. And it can be everything from pizza, ticket or software.

Download sites can be very sneaky. Often are the software that you downloaded already infected. Normally it’s also require to download additional software at same time.

False invitations from LinkedIn

There are many false account on LinkedIn, even if the social media site working hard to keep it clean. This is not so much to infect your computer. It’s more an way to get information from companies.

Example is that you received an invitation from somebody that say he/she is a member of a known network, or a member of the company management

Social Media, the last trend for Phishing

Many company have block Facebook for their staff, with all right.

Instead of sending out thousand and thousand mail, this people create one post.

This is a very serious, as you have all staff with internet access that can create problems. It does not matter if you login with your private account. You will still infect the company’s computer.

As I said so many time before… Do never click on a link on Facebook or in a mail if you do not know what it is.

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