What is PGP surfing and do we need it?

It should be easier for ordinary Internet users to browse encrypted; That something that Google think, and are working on a project to make PGP surfing easier to use.

PGP Stands for “Pretty Good Privacy.” It’s such darn good security that, in the past, America’s various spook agencies got pretty worried about its use and distribution.

It’s from a paragraph in one article from
Roger J. Wendell. Click here to read the full article.

It’s Google’s security and privacy experts that standing behind the project Key Transparency, and the goal is to establish secure connections even on insecure servers.

So why now?

According to to Google, many Internet users thinks it is too complicated to use PGP or any other encrypted Messengers; then they must first verify the recipient.

Google intends to use something called Key Transparency. It will serve as a framework in which ordinary users easily pair a person’s online info with their real identity.

Google already have an open version of the Key Transparency on Github. There it also explains the technique in more detail. Google is far from ready, and they will gradually build on the model after it has collected feedback from the safety peoples.

Google’s investments in encryption for everyday internet use, is nothing strange, it follows the trend we have today. Recently, encrypted messaging such as Signal (WhatsApp uses signal read more here) have become increasingly common among Internet users. It’s also has a significant increased since it was clear that Donald Trump would be America’s next president.

So who need encrypted surfing and messaging?

Nobody, and everybody. I am and have always been against that government or anybody else for that fact, should have access to what we do or say on the web.

The government point that it’s because of safety, I’m not buying. We all know that the people that want to do something illegal, always have a way around.

So the simple answer is, we don’t need this. But the answer is not that simple. I have always said. “Everything that is getting looked can also get unlooked.”

But for a company, there can be some information that must be kept secret not to harm the company. So the real and more advanced answer is “Yes” we need this.