Only 40% of the windows user are updating windows 10.

It’s almost 2 months ago that the big Windows 10 anniversary update came out. But lots of people have still not yet updating windows 10.

The latest update, also known as the Windows 10 (version 1607), began to be rolled out August 2nd.

And now, more than seven weeks later, its only 34.5 percent of all devices using Windows 10 that running the latest update. The majority, 59.9 percent, are still running the version Fall Update (Version 1511).

Many ask why…

There have been speculations why, and now many start to think it may be a problem with the updating process. Or that it has been more complicated than Microsoft thought.

Another possible reason could be that many company have decided to take it easy with the update. The reason for this could be that it have been rapports with older PCs.

Specially on computer where data is stored on both traditional hard drives and flash drives. That’s combined with only ten days to roll back the update to the older version.

This have also led to many experts has warned customers to upgrade to the Anniversary Update.

Another reason for the low number on the update to latest version, may be that many companies have chosen update strategy Current Industry for Business. And quite often, these customers updates several months.

Microsoft has chosen not to comment on the update rate, but writes in on their blog.

“Given the scale to deliver the update to 350 million units each month, we are a moderate pace to ensure a great customer experience.”

So have you update your Windows 10 yet.

Yes, you should. As long you don’t have an old computer. And a mix of a traditional hard drive, mixed with one newer SSD disk you should not have any problem.

Almost all big updates today, is not only including new apps/software. Is almost always including bug fixes and security patches.

Of course, if you have a older computer, you should check before any update are done. But for you with newer computes should ALWAYS keep your system up to date.