pCloud is the new king on the cloud market

Many of us have heard about DropBox, and many of us have also used it. But if you are using DropBox now, or have stopped because you did not like it, then you should have a look at pCloud. It is like DropBox but on steroids.

I have used DropBox for many years, but for some years ago, I left it for Amazon CLoud because of the price. But the middle of last year I start to look for a replacement, just because I did not like the user-face and it was not particularly user-friendly.

I will only compare pCloud with DropBox. I have not tested all cloud service on the web, but I have tried DropBox, and I mean the pCloud is a good replacement for DropBox

So what is the “fuss” about pCloud?

Price; nobody can complain about half price.

The first thing that got me interested was the price. 95.88euro per year (around $100/year) for 2TB. And for half the price you will get 500GB. They also have one option to pay a lifetime fee for 250euro (2TB), and today I regret that I didn’t do that, but soon it up for renewal, and I will then go for the lifetime option.

pCloud Premium

Sharing; 100 percent more powerful.

On DropBox, you can share a single file or whole folder. And of course pCloud also have this option, but much more advantages when you share.

When you share on DropBox, you can choose with share with other DropBox user, or create a public link. I have done both, but more than once I have had problems with public links that suddenly stopped working.

On pCloud, the sharing option is more powerful. When you share, you can set it with or without a password, expiring date and create short-link for your file/folder. And to make it even better, you have a stats option with how many downloads, and how much traffic the share has generated.

Another thing that you can do with pCloud is useful for everybody that working with clients. You can create a link to any folder, and with this link, anybody can upload files to you, without have one account on pCloud. When you create a link, you can also set upload-limit and expiring on file/s to upload.

Upload and backup

Like DropBox, pCloud also have one app for both iPhones and Androids phones. With this, it automatically uploads your photo and video to your folder if you want to. And choose to set uploads only on WiFi connections to save your bandwidth. There is also a plugin for WordPress to back up your blog.

If you still not sure, there is a free version of pCloud, with little storage. On the free version, I’m not sure if you have all options named in this article.

Visit pCloud Here