Possibility to pay with mobile have been around for some time now.

When the first service to pay with mobile came, they were complicated and didn’t work very well. That’s not the case any longer, today they are both advanced and very easy to use.

Still it has not go that viral that many as called experts thought for 5-6 years ago.

And why has it not?

I think the easy answer is, that many people don’t trust it. When it comes to digital payment many are still suspicious.

Then you also need to have a phone with NFS, and many of the smartphone still don’t have it. There is also some smartphone that have had it but take it off in following model, because this service steals lot of the battery

Even if there are way around it if you have one phone whiteout NFS, but it does not matter how we turn it, we always coming back to “can we trust it”

So will we ever start to pay with mobile?

I don’t think so, of course it will be around, but I don’t think people will use it. And the reason for that is not only that we are not sure we can trust it. Is also a step back when we look on the user-friendly part.

The payment with card have been very easy and practical over the years. Many machines today don’t even need to drag it, or put it in. Today is enough to only touch the card to the payment central to get it registered. And then we accept the amount with our pin code.

If we start with the mobile, it gets at least one step more, we need to open the phone and go in to the application for you cards. And I can’t see why we should go over to a payment like this