You should pay or at least donate something for your plugin

It does not matter if the CMS called WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Or if its theme, plugin, extension or a module

Many plugin developer does a great job, and they should be paid for their work and their ongoing support.

And what some may say… Why should I pay for a free plugin, and then the developer stops supporting the plugin?

That’s true it can happen, but the main thing is, normally nobody stops supporting something that gives money. And you don’t like to work for free, so why should you expect them to do it?

Either pay for the pro-version and with this, better support and normally more available settings for your plugin. Or donate $3-5 if you use the free version

So where can I get my plugins from.

Always when I looking for a plugin, I always first check a couple of different company, that I have worked with many years already and I know I can recommend them.

Web Dorado, is a small group developer that have really good things, they make plugins[*1], extensions[*2], modules[*3] and a couple of WordPress themes.

NextEnd only have 2 plugins/extensions, Accordion Menu and Smart Slider, that is a safer slider then the most known one RevSlider.
Then there is a WordPress community WPMU Dev, this is something that I recommend all professional web developer to use. Is not cheap, but well worth the money.

WPMU Dev only have one theme call Fixer, that is a very advance drag and drop plugin, it has a little learnings curve, but is something very useful when you know it.

Then they have many very well written plugins, all of them with a fantastic support.

But the biggest “Must Have” option is their general WordPress support, its more a surprise if you don’t have any answer to your question within 24h.

*1 Plugins: is for WordPress
*2 Extensions is for Joomla
*3 Modulus is for Drupal