Your password can be detected from the sound your hard drive Creates

Even computers without connections can be attacked and the mechanical noise may be the way to come over your password.

Researchers have found a way to access the data with the help of mechanical sounds from the computer’s hard drive.

This is perhaps not the best way to go, and definitive not the most practical way.

But this shows That we are never 100% safe, and there are always a way to reach your information.

So how is this possible?

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel has studied how using the sound from the computer, to can access the information.

In June, they showed how a hard drive can be controlled and secretly send out information, including passwords and encryption keys.

When the hard disk is used, it will create a lot of noise at the different frequencies.

And it is from these sounds that they could recover information from the hard drive.

A virus was created, and named Disk Filtration, and then infect in a Linux-based computers.

With this virus they took control of the hard drive. And then record the sound generated.

For this they used a normal smart phone, and same smart phone was used to to play the sound, and this unlocked encrypted information.

So what will this mean.

Noting, I would say!!

In order to be able to make trouble for you, so you must first get your computer infected.

Then the person must be nearby to record the sound that your hard drive created.

This means that first you have to unlock the data and hand it over to the offender, or at least they need to be next to you as you work.

Then it is another thing whish will in near future been resolved by it self.

This is only working on hard drives with a reading disk, so if you have a SSD Drive you are not in any danger.

SDD disk, do not have any moving parts.

And I think, all Agree That It Will properly not take to long time before our computer have SDD Disk as standard