Libre Office is a new office suite based on Open Office and is now being released in sharp version.

It was during the end of last year as a bunch of developers on the Open Office got fed up and started Libre Office. The reason was that the environment of Open Office was not open enough.

News Libre Office’s is ability to import and work with SVG files, simple workflow for editing the title pages and pagination, easier navigation tools in word processor, better handling cell in the spreadsheet tool, better import filters for a number of file formats. LibreOffice also comes with all the news that you’ll find in Open Office 3.3 As new fonts and fonttools, can have up to one million rows in the spreadsheet tool and better support for importing spreadsheet data.

A number of Linux distributions have supported LibreOffice. You can find Libre Office including in the next versions of Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSuse.
LibreOffice and OpenOffice are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. And in lots of different language.