OpenOffice goes in the grave

OpenOffice seems to be singing on her last line of code

Problems with security and lack of interest among developers seems to put an end to OpenOffice.

Once This office suite was actually a treat to Microsoft office for many years.

OpenOffice Started, at this time of the strong, and in some way powerful Sun Microsystem

And it was very many that used it, not only private person, even some company used it, and many looked on it.

It was a way to save money for the company, and it worked on all platforms

At this time it was called

Oracle bought Sun Microsystem in January 2010.

And with this, the changes started. Already in April 2011, Oracle stop the development of OpenOffice…

In June, same year they left over the rights for their office suite to Apache Software Foundation.

It didn’t helped, that many of the leading developers in the project started to dropping off after Oracle took it over.

Many of them started with the new project LibreOffice that still are alive.

LibreOffice has today taken over Open Office’s role as the default office suite in most of the Linux distributions

Kay Schenk, one of the leading developers of OpenOffice has announced that she will end her commitment with the project.

The committee that she resigns from has only 28 members, that may say something about the project.

The idea now, is to submit the project to The Document Foundation, the organization behind LibreOffice.

So, what about Microsoft Office?

In the early days, Microsoft Office, was expensive, had lots of problem, and was not much better then OpenOffice.

That made the free OpenOffice to a serious threat to Microsoft.

But over the years, Microsoft have really made improvement, and is today a very powerful office suite.

And the price has also come down. Today you can by family pack (5 installations) for around $100/year.

So, what about LibreOffice?

LibreOffice is free, and working very well, is not that powerful as Microsofts office suite, but com’on, its free

LibreOffice is today in version 5.2.1 and are available for various Linux distributioner, Mac and Windows.

For you that want to try LibreOffice, download it here