It seems that is a mistake from one NSA agent for the breach.

Sources say that one NSA agent “mistake” is behind the stolen cyber weapons that can be used to break into the network equipment from Cisco and Fortinet.

It’s been little over a month ago, then some that call themselves the Shadow Brokers started to auction to the highest bidder off the cyber weapons. This cyber defence is coming from NSA.

Juniper and Fortinet have already made the updates to its software that closed the security holes that NSA used.

Edward Snowden and several other security experts have pointed out the Russian state hackers as the responsible for the “hack”. If it’s a hack or a mistake from any NSA employee.

The US government is investigating the intrusion. And if it is a mistake, then it will be an embarrassing history of the secret NSA.

Several sources with good connections in the investigation say that one agent “by mistake” had left the hacker tools on a server where the Russian hackers easily could find them.

According to sources, the error should have been committed for some three years ago, and the agent should have informed the NSA shortly after that.

NSA has chosen not to go out with information to affected companies because they could not see that their weapons used against American targets. Representatives of the American government have not yet commented on this.

So what will this do against NSA?

First, this is embarrassing, one of the biggest organisations on earth when it comes to surveillance. For some years ago they have the big leak from Edward Snowden.

For the second. We have again got proven for us, that NSA doesn’t care, the simple want to control everything. And voices have start to be raised, that enough is enough.

But the question is.

What would be worse? A new Edward Snowden that have leaked the tools. Or that Russian hackers have been successful, and hacked into NSA headquarters in Fort Meade?