There are rules when it comes to Online shopping

Today is the famous “Black Friday”, and Online shopping increase not only this day, the whole week/end as many already started on Monday this week.

Many online stores today are very serious, but there still are some that think they can do whatever they want.

For you that follow my blog, you know that I “live as you learn.” The Pug Tequila, bought onlineAnd I do as much shopping on the web as I can do. I even bought my dog, a pug I named Tequila online. And of course, all things I need for the dog is also purchased online.

I found a company in Spain called that NOT follow the rules. I have made five orders from them, first one the messed up, and the last order, and this was also my last one with this store.

So why are not good for Online Shopping?

When an online store sells something to you, the product must be in stock so it can be shipped direct. If not, they should show when it is in stock and date for shipping, called “BackOrder.” Or just take off the possibility to order it.

In both cases, this is what’s have happened. I put the things in my cart and went to the checkout. There I choose express delivery so I should have the product in 48h. The first time I called after three days and was then informed that they missed one thing. I then pointed out that I do not care and they need to send the rest of the order, as the dog should arrive in 3-4 days. They reimbursed me for the missing product, and I accepted everything and forgotten about it.

But the second time it got even worse. Again I called after three days and wondered where my order was. I was informed that my things have arrived, and my order should be shipped next morning. I made clear to them that this is not right, as they charged me for express shipping, but did not put too much behind it as my things should arrive in the next 48 hours.

After another three days I called them again, and this time I was angry. I explain what happens and want to have this resolved as soon as possible. I was told that they should check in to it and come back to me over email.

The day after I got mail where I was told that they could not send to order as everything is not in stock, I returned the email and explained that is not right to sell something without any explanation that they do not have in stock.
The mail was responded reasonably quick with a suggestion that they can send what they have and when the rest coming in they send this for a small amount extra shipping cost for me. And in the same email to also told me that 3 product was missing, I had ordered 4. Or they could cancel the order and put back the money on my card, but this could take up to 15 days.

Well, my patience was now gone. I returned the mail with a very clear.

“Dear xxxx,
You still have all this product for sale in your store, with a note “delivered in 48h” this is wrong. So this is what will happen, either you send the FULL order with 48h delivery time, or you put back the money for the FULL order within 48h. And do not give me the bullshit that it can take 48h as a transaction like this should not take more than max two days. If this is not done, I will continue this discussion on social media.”

I never got any email back, and the money was put back on my account after four days.

So maybe I should not go out with this in public, but then I thought, why not, I have not done anything wrong, they have, for the first charge for a product they don’t have in stock. Second, lying to me and let me know it will be sent day after. And the third, charge for 48h express shipping and seven working days after still not shipped anything.

So a BIG WARNING to anybody that want to do Online shopping for their pet, don’t use