When it comes to no fulfil buy on Online shopping, most of them are from mobiles.

We are using our mobile phones for more and more things, and so also when it comes to Online shopping. But many on their mobile do not fulfil the buy, so why is that so.

Between 2016 and 2017 there where made studies in USA and Taiwan about online shopping on mobiles. Both rapport shows the same problem for both countries.

So what is the problem with Online mobile shopping?

Not surprising, on both rapport is the webshop format on the mobile that scares the buyers. But it’s also a question about the buyers doesn’t trust the security and are afraid for their integrity. And some means that they can lose on special offers.

By them, that finishes the buy and are happy with their online shopping, pointed out that the app was nice, and it was easy to use.

There are some online shops, that means they don’t need to bother about mobile. But that is so far away from the truth it could be. Is not only that we use our mobile phones more and more. There are people today that prefer to buy a better phone instead of spending money on a desktop.

So what needs to be done?

First and the most important, make it easy. Many still have concerns about online shopping, and if it complicated to find what they are looking for, that makes it a natural reason to stop. But the most important is checkout. On this part, there are not any spaces to make it difficult. I use to say if the checkout is not straight-forward then you are set up for failure. It may also be a good idea to show offers and discounts, in the beginning, this makes the buyer calm that it has not been missed.