Have an account on Online gaming or sex sites? Change your password!

Millions and millions of user information have been stolen during in 2016. Online gaming and sex sites, was the most attacked.

I have more than once writing about the importance to have a secure password. But that’s not helping if you have one account in a place that gets hacked.

As I said before, have a different password for all your email, and on your different accounts on the web. In this way, you will only get a problem with one account.

Too many people use one password, or in some case, a couple of different passwords. Install a password manager, and you will not have any problem to keep track of your user information.

The ten biggest theft of user data in 2016.

Yahoo or MySpace, are not included as they had the breaches before 2016.

10: I-dressup: 2.2 million

The Social Network was hacked in June. According to the hacker, it took him three weeks to get the user information, and nothing was encrypted.

9. DLH.Net: 3,3 million

The gaming site DLH.net got the breach in July. It was weak security algorithm that allowed the hacker to get over passwords, username, date of birth and e-mail address.

The same hacker also has hacked the computer game community Dota 2, same month, and which the hacker reached over 2 million user accounts.

8. Leet: 5 million

The cloud service that allows users to add servers to the mobile version of the game Minecraft. The breach happen in February, and the hacker came over IP number, password, and emails

7. Clixsense: 6,6 million

The hacker came over 6,6 million, but have only released 2,4 million. The rest, 4,2 million the hacker want to sell to best bidding buyer. Another one that has save our information whiteout any decryption.

6. Lifeboat: 7 million

In January it came out that 7 million members of the game community have got their information stolen. The lifeboat has said that the was quickly out with information to their members to change the password. But when spoken to members, they say that they have not got any information.

5. Dailymotion: 18 million

The hacker has come over 85 million accounts. But as different to many other services, so are Dailymotion using an adamant decryption. And therefore so have only 18 million accounts leaked.

4. Mail.ru: 25 million

Mail.ru is an internet provider. The hacker came over 25 million user accounts guarded with weak decryption. In the information, there was phone numbers, emails, and passwords.

3. Weebly: 43 million

Wembley is instructing the user to use a secure password when they are setting up their homepages or web shops, and then they get hacked by themselves. But at least Weebley are using a secure decryption, and they were quickly out with information to their users to change the password.

2. Verticalscope: 45 million

The server has a couple of forum in their house. It was hacked in February. The hacker came over emails, passwords and IP numbers, everything protected with an old and unsecured hardware.

1. FriendFinder Networks: 412 million

I have written about this hack before, read here. This was also with bad decryptions. But the worst was that even closed accounts were not deleted, and the hacker came over this too.