OnePlusOne can only be bought thru an invite.

OnePlusOne have now sold 500.000 units.

For some time a go OnePlusOne arrange a “Pre order” that ended in a big mess from the company end. Lots of people could not even get online, and the company have apologised for that and will have a new “Pre order” at November 17th.

So why don’t they let the phone out on the market… The company means that the sell sell the device at such a low price, and they cant risk having excess inventory lying around, but I think the real reason is that they want to try to create a hype around it, and thats nothing wrong with that, but then they cant have problem like this, that will only damage their mark.

I have had my phone for almost 3 months now, and I think its fantastic. both the phone and the system, and I can really give my warmest recommendation for the phone