Microsoft’s office pack, Office 2016 & Office 365 are similar, but also have some major differences.

But the choices are not only Office 2016 & Office 365. You have an office for iPhone, iPad, Android and of course for both Windows and Mac computers.

So what is the difference between the two Office system? On the surface, they both look the same. I have listed 2 of the biggest differences between the two versions, Office 2016 and 365.

How Microsoft charge for the office packs

Microsoft Office 2016 is a one-time-pay, and then you can use it how long you want. There are not any end-date for the software, and you can use it on one computer per licence. It’s available in a single licence for both Windows and Mac. Then there is a business version with multiple licences uses, and of course more expensive.

With Microsoft Office 365, is a subscription version. You pay monthly or yearly and get some discounts. (for the business version of Office 365 you only have annual payment as option) It’s also something that it seems Microsoft prefer to sell to us, as they appear to put more energy on.

Updating for Office 2016 & Office 365

Office 2016 is sold as a traditional software. Microsoft offers security updates monthly for Office applications, usually the second Tuesday of the month. They also fix non-security related errors during the first five years of the version’s life cycle.

But the buyer of Office 2016 does not get the upgrades with the new features. What is included in the purchase is what remains till you buy a newer version.

Office 365, work in another way. Office 365 receive the same security updates as Office 2016. But also get the upgrade with new features when they are available. For now, it has been every second year. But Microsoft has flagged for annual updates in September and March each year and should start this year.

As long you are a subscriber you will always end up with the latest version of everything in your Office pack.

So shall I go for Office 2016 or Office 365?

Office 365 cost 69€/year ($69). And for another 30€ you get 365 Home. And this can then be installed on five PCs or Macs, five tablets and five phones. It’s ideal for families or people like me with multiple devices.

Office 2016 for download version direct from Microsoft Store cost around 400€ ($400). They have a cheaper version call home, but then you do not get all applications as you get in Office 365. Then it can be installed on one PC or one Mac.

For me, I don’t understand why anybody will buy the office 2016 in front off Office 365. Office gets updated every 18-24 months and with Office 2016 do you already have an old version of Office.

If you go for the subscription, Office 365, you will be up to date all the time. And it will take almost six years before you come up to the same sum as Office 2016.

Office 365 is cheaper than Office 2016 in the long term.

Office 365, will cost you 414€ ($414) in six-year (single licence), that 14€ more expensive than office 2016. And I can’t see anybody that would pay 14€ extra for five years and always be up to date.

After six years your subscription is more expensive, but would you stay with a so out dated office that it would be after six years? You would probably end up buy the latest Office version again.