Will Nokia phones with windows system every be a big seller?

I have all system (except Rim) android, iOS and a Windows-phone (Nokia). I must say that the system is good, its also very quick, even on a less powerfull telephone. Opposite to special Android system, where you need to choose between cheep phone with an old Android version. Or an expensive phone, to run the latest version.

Nokia-phone have always been and still are a good phone. But today is the system that’s run on the phone more important. And as long there are lots of apps that’s not created by Windows phones. It will never be a really treat to Android or iOS.

For you that’s interested in a robust phone, with a good system, good camera and not necessary want to have lots of “non used” apps on your phone, Nokia is a good choice.

Check out the video from thei latest model, Lumia 820-comercial where they attack iPhone