Nokia 7 Plus is a cheap mobile for what you get.

Have my Nokia 7 Plus for a couple of weeks now and I must say that I’m hugely impressed with it. If you like me, that think the prices on mobile is too high and are not willing to spend more then 300-400€ max then Nokia 7 Plus is something for you. I have had three OnePlus modules over the last 5 years (read my resume of One plus 5 here). But from being a cheap high-class phone they are now up on prices 550€ +.

So when it was time for a new phone I start to look for another brand. Quite quick my interest in Nokia’s new phone got my attention. And I ended up with a Nokia 7 Plus.

So is Nokia 7 Plus better than OnePlus 5? In totality, no; But for the price (almost 200€ cheaper) I can simply say that it’s a lot of phone you get for 350€. And if you in to photo you even have a better camera.

So what is the biggest difference?

If we start on the performance standard. Is not so quick as OnePlus 5 (my earlier phone). But depending on what you are using the phone for, this may not be any problem. For me, I mainly use the phone to communicate, photo, and social media. And for that, you do not need an 8GB ram.

The size, Nokia 7 plus is a 6″ compare with OP5 5,5″. For me personally, 5,5 or 6″ is not of any big importance. Is nice with a big screen, but 5,5 was enough. The bigger screen also makes the phone slightly bigger, and the Nokia 7 Plus measures 158,4 x 75,6 x 8mm (+4,2 x 1,5 X 0,7mm) and has a resolution on 1080 x 2160.

The camera, Lower pixel, but better photos. Nokia 7 plus have a back camera on 13mp compare with 20mp for OnePlus 5. The selfie camera is on 16mp for both of the phones. But with a modern OS (Android One, see below) and Carl Zeiss optic makes the photo very high quality.

Many experts mean that Carl Zeiss optic is by far the best mobile optic on the market, read more about Carl Zeiss optic Click Here.

Storage could maybe be a little bigger.

Nokia claims that there a space for a micro SD 8up to 256GB. And that is both true and not. Nokia 7 Plus, just like OnePlus 5 have 2 sim sluts. But to use the extra SD card you need to use the one sim slot. And one of the reasons I bought this phone is that I need two sims, so this was never a solution for me. But today with high internet speed and lots of free cloud service is not any big problem.

But the OS Android One, make Nokia 7 Plus to a real hit. Android One is an unmodified Android operating system created by Google. With this, it means that you do not need to wait for the manufacturer to come with updates for your mobile. You get it directly from Google. This has some benefits, for the first, you will always have the latest android version. But what many don’t think about, you will also have a safer phone, as Google comes with frequent updates and Google Play Protect.

So it means that you do not need to buy a new phone because your phone will not get any more updates. If you want to read more about Android One, Click Here.

But it should also be said that some apps that are created by the manufactures and come with their Android version is good. For me, I missed the gallery from OnePlus, and I could not find a free app that I liked. So, in the end, I need to buy one for 6,99€.

So would I recommend Nokia 7 Plus?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you play lots of heavy games, you should maybe go for one with little more memory. But for anybody that doesn’t do this, Nokia 7 Plus is a fit for anybody.