Every company use email today!!

Today is not a question, if you have email, today the question is, what email do you have.

So for this few person that don’t have any email. How will the manage?

But imagine this

An unemployed man looking for a job as a cleaner at Apple.

Personnel manager called him for an interview and asks him to carry out a work.

The test is to satisfaction and personnel manager informs him the following. You get the job.

Please leave your email and I’ll send the necessary forms for signature.

The man replies that he does not own a computer or have an email address.

The personnel manager says that without e-mail, you can not get the job. The man leaves desperately building.

He only has $5 in his pocket. He goes into the nearest supermarket and buy 5 kg of tomatoes.

The man goes door to door and sell the tomatoes and so he doubles his capital. He does the same thing, five times and finally he got together $ 160.

He realizes that he found a way to earn a living and are now starting early in the morning and come home late at night.

Every day he quadruples his capital. Soon, he buys himself a small car, later, a truck and finally, he has an entire fleet of vehicles, necessary to carry out all deliveries.

Within five years, he owns one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States.

He begins to think about the future and make contact with an insurance broker to discuss how he and the rest of the family to secure a financial future.

After receiving the tip, the broker and the man agreed and the broker will now ask for the man’s e-mail address so he can send the necessary forms for signature.

The man replies that he does not own a computer or have an e-mail.

The broker says:
– Strange. You’ve built a brand empire, and you have no e-mail.
Imagine what you could have achieved if you had a computer!

And the man replies:
– Well, then, I had worked as cleaners at Apple.

The whole quote its translated direct from a Swedish webpage call www.lajkar.se.