14 years ago, Munich (German) started the switch to Linux

The City Council of German Munich has decided to leave the Linux distribution they used for more than ten years. At the end of December 2020, it’s over.

2003 Munich took the decision to leave Windows and go over to the open Linux operating system. Partly to save money but also to send a signal to Microsoft.

When the city made the decision, it was a bit of a sensation. Microsoft sent their own at the time, CEO Steve Ballmer. But it did not help, Munich went over to a custom Linux version, which was named Limux.

So why are Munich changing back to Microsoft

Transition to Linux has never worked properly. Thier are quite some applications that never successfully been migrated to Linux. And the number has increased over the years.

Today, the city has 15.000 computers with Limux, and 5000 computer that runs Windows.

The mix of operating systems has intensified the pressure on Linux be or not to be. And in a report by Munich city had now made clear that Limux has no future.

The change is expected to cost 18.9 million euros, and it’s projected to take four years before compleated.

But many wondered if it needs to take almost four years to change the system. And some have even indicated that we don’t know if Microsoft exists in four years. Even if almost everybody, including me, does think Microsoft will still be here in four years

So why have Linux not any bigger success?

Is not that Linux’s software is bad. Is not, it’s a very stable and reliable system that have lots of benefits compare with Windows.

But there are too few users to make it attractive for the developer. And together with is tough to make any real profit as it goes under open source make it close to impossible to get any unique programs created and updated.