Mozilla will make Firefox to the quickest browser on the web.

Mozilla browser, Firefox has for a long time losing users in favor to Google’s browser, Chrome.

Some may ask why! Because when it comes to adorns and functionality there are not a significant different. So the biggest reason is that the Chrome is simply faster than Firefox.

David Bryant, the person that are responsible for the development of the platform on Mozilla. Have explains in a blog post that a significant renovation is on the way for the Firefox browser.

The major changes should be done to their core in the browser. That will make it to a super quick browser

So how will Mozilla improve their browser?

Gecko is the engine in Firefox that handles and display the web pages. And this is what should be replaced step by step. The replacement of Gecko will start at the end of next year.

Browsers have not made any significant changes to their motors since the beginning of their birth.

The essential thing is to use the graphics processors, and multiple cores should improve performance and make pages to load faster, and browsing will be super smoother.

Animations and interactive apps will respond immediately and be able to handle more advanced content. Processing power will be used where it is needed most.

When the different browsers saw the light of the day, we have computers with one processor. And the most powerful graphic card at that time was not even close to what the simplest graphic card have today.

And still, today are browsers mainly using one thread on one core. So we can easily say that the browsers have not followed the evolution of computers. Today many mobile phones have multiple cores

Mozilla has named this big update Quantum. Some parts of Quantum will be written with Mozilla’s language Rust, which seen as a modern alternative to C and C ++